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I have been on a journey of carving out the life I truly want all of my life and have made many changes to get to where I want to be.

I've felt the fear and done it anyway!!

Receiving the right support at the right time has made me believe in myself and what I can achieve. I have made decisions to change direction within my career in finance. I am not afraid to ask myself if my current life is the one I really want, and if it isn't what do I need to change?

My dream is to help others uncover for themselves what I have learnt to be true, that when we sit and question what's missing  in our lives and clarify the areas where we are not fully satisfied we are already the first step along the way.

An example of such a change that I made was in 2014 when I left my job to travel around South America to learn more about the culture of Latin American people and to volunteer with NGOs. This is something I would never have done without support from others who encouraged me and made me believe it was the right thing to do at the right time.

Studying Life Coaching and qualifying with the Coaching Academy has taught me the skills that I needed to structure my support to others, my passion to do this was already there! 

I still work  in Finance and I love being part of the charity I work for, but there is more to me, alongside I have the wish and the motivation to help others to make changes, find new opportunities and create the life that they desire.

Karen Spark, Life Coach


What I have learnt with Karen, is that by reflecting on experiences which I have had in previous career roles I was able to dr​aw out aspects which went well, and think about what actions I took which led to a successful result

Client May 2021

As a result from my coaching sessions with Karen she helped me break things down into

manageable steps. Via Karen’s coaching I found that I was creating small steps that I could put in place

almost straight after our sessions.

Client September 2021

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